Captain Lee Unveils Unheard Details About Carl & Lindsay’s Shocking Summer House Split

Captain Lee, the esteemed mariner of Bravo’s Below Deck, recently opened up about the shocking split between Summer House stars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, shedding light on behind-the-scenes details that even the most ardent fans didn’t know.

While Captain Lee might be synonymous with Below Deck, his friendships sail beyond his own reality show universe. Interestingly, he’s been close with Summer House’s Carl Radke since February of last year. Their friendship was so tight, Carl even considered having Lee officiate his then-forthcoming wedding to Lindsay.

However, the seas have turned turbulent for the Summer House duo, as it was recently confirmed that they’ve broken off their engagement. Captain Lee decided to break his silence about the couple’s rocky situation in the latest episode of his podcast, “Salty With Lee.”

On the podcast, Captain Lee dished out new information about the couple’s wedding preparations that had been well underway. “They had already secured the venue and even set aside a block of hotel rooms for their out-of-town guests,” he said. “Lindsay had her bachelorette party all planned out; she even had a hair and makeup trial.”

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However, the experienced Captain maintained a level of discretion, clarifying that he would only discuss the split to the extent that Carl felt comfortable. “While Carl and I are close, I won’t be sharing anything that he doesn’t want publicly disclosed,” Lee noted.

The revelations raise questions about how close Carl and Captain Lee actually are, and they certainly have fans wondering: Is there any chance that Carl and Lindsay might rekindle their relationship? Only time will tell, but for now, the Summer House drama continues to unfold.


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