Efficient Customer Takes Matters into Her Own Hands, Self-Scanning Groceries as Cashier Delays

Mildred stretched her arthritic fingers as customer after customer rapidly unloaded overflowing carts onto her checkout belt. She glanced jealously over at Hank manning the self-checkout station, grateful at least that the automated machines took some of the burden off her aging joints.

At 73 years old, Mildred knew she was slower on the scanner than young Greta who zipped items past the red beams with lightning speed. But she took pride in making pleasant small talk with every customer to briefly brighten their day. Plus, old Mr. Walton was kind enough to keep her on payroll part-time when so many other seniors struggled finding jobs. She would make it work, painful hands and all.

When Irene slammed her basket down with an exasperated huff, Mildred put on her cheeriest smile, beginning the familiar routine. How was your day? Any fun plans for the weekend? But the curt woman only grunted impatiently, tapping long red nails on the counter. As Mildred carefully passed each item over the scanner, she noticed Irene rolling her eyes more dramatically with every beep.

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Suddenly, the impatient woman thrust her manicured hand forward, sharply grabbing items from the belt to scan herself in jerky, aggressive motions. Flustered, Mildred waved frantically for Hank to come assist. But by the time he ambled over, Irene had already snatched her receipt and stalked angrily towards the doors without so much as a goodbye.

@laayl0w7 She trynna be the fastest cashier in the world 😭 #shegetsdown #shedontplay #hurryupbih #weinarush ♬ original sound – laayl0w7_

Mortified, Mildred felt hot tears stinging behind her glasses. She had worked so hard to keep up today despite the shooting pains in swollen knuckles. And for what? To be humiliated by a young woman clearly disgusted by her feeble fumbling? Maybe it was finally time to surrender her post and let faster hands take over before she caused another spectacle…


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