Hideo Kojima Unveils Netflix Series as Top Anime of 2023 in Surprise Declaration

Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima has chosen a relatively unknown Netflix series as his top anime pick of 2023 – Blue Eye Samurai.

Kojima is an acclaimed and influential voice in gaming, renowned for pioneering titles with intricate stories. His opinions frequently generate discussion online.

As 2023 wraps up, Kojima has clearly been actively viewing the year’s anime offerings. And while many heavyweight franchises released new seasons, one unheralded newcomer stood above the rest for him.

Debuting November 3rd with little hype, Blue Eye Samurai brought an eight-episode first season to Netflix. Despite its star-studded cast and perfect Rotten Tomatoes score, it remained low-profile.

Nonetheless, Kojima sang high praises, deeming it “without a doubt, the best anime of the year!” He lauded the show as a “visual work that transcends the common sense of animation”.

Kojima argued Blue Eye Samurai represents the “next level” of CG-based animation, building on the maturation seen in series like Arcane.

So while it slid under most radars, Kojima believes this Netflix surprise is 2023’s top anime. His ringing endorsement may motivate more viewers to give Blue Eye Samurai a chance.


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