Kat Dennings and Andrew WK’s surprise wedding

News LOS ANGELES – Actress Kat Dennings and musician Andrew WK have tied the knot in an intimate at-home ceremony after two years of engagement, Vogue reported this week. The famously private couple wed in late November at their Los Angeles residence.

Rather than eloping or hosting a large traditional wedding, Dennings and WK ultimately decided on a small 15-person event on their own turf. “We realized that a tiny wedding at home felt too cozy to resist,” Dennings told Vogue, noting, “I’m a very lazy person, I didn’t want to be in white.” Accordingly, she wore an off-white Alexander McQueen gown and went barefoot shortly after the ceremony began.

Only the pair’s closest friends attended the nuptials, including actress Brenda Song and her partner Macaulay Culkin. Intriguingly, Song sported a new ring, fueling speculation that she and Culkin may have also secretly wed recently after getting engaged last year.

Dennings confessed she and WK knew early on they were perfectly matched, saying, “Around three years ago, Andrew came to visit me for the first time. At the end of his trip, we couldn’t imagine saying goodbye.” The couple even “technically proposed to each other in the kitchen at the same time,” Dennings revealed – an adorably fitting start to their eventual wedding journey.

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WK popped the question back in May 2021 after quietly dating Dennings for an undisclosed period. The spouses-to-be announced their engagement via Instagram. Dennings captioned a photo flaunting her ring, “Don’t mind if I do.” Her witty reaction perfectly fit the couple’s cheeky dynamic.

While an admittedly odd pairing on paper, the endlessly upbeat party-rocker WK somehow clicked with sarcastic comedienne Dennings. Perhaps their shared eccentric, carefree personalities bonded them. Or maybe opposites simply attracted. Regardless, their quirky relationship clearly works beautifully.

Both stars endured recent failed romances before finding solace together. Dennings split from Josh Groban in 2016 after two years together, while WK divorced Cherie Lily in 2017.

After a year of celebrities breaking up left and right, it feels refreshing to see stars getting married rather than divorced. Here’s hoping the unique duo of Kat Dennings and Andrew WK find eternal happiness as husband and wife. They certainly look blissful in the handful of wedding photos Vogue published.

All told, Dennings and WK’s secretive wedding provided a welcome dose of heartwarming celebrity news this holiday season. Congratulations to the newlyweds!


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