Playful Banter: Husband Teases Wife Over Chipotle Meal Prepping

When Samantha met Dan on Tinder three years ago, she considered herself quite the amateur chef. Her Instagram was filled with beautifully plated #mealprep creations and date nights adorned with her fresh pasta primavera and braised short ribs. Though no Ina Garten, Samantha took pride in her culinary creativity on a modest budget.

Little did she know that once she slipped that diamond ring on her finger, her cooking motivation would flounder along with her slim waistline. As newlyweds, Samantha and Dan fell into the classic routine – work, binge Netflix, order takeout, repeat. When they did cook, Dan handled the meat while Samantha stabbed vegetables half-heartedly before leaving the kitchen wreckage for future-Samantha.

Deep down, she missed those early single girl healthy cooking days. So on a boring bachelor weekend with Dan away golfing, Samantha hatched a plan for self-improvement. She triumphantly hauled home no fewer than 15 takeout containers brimming with cilantro-rice goodness from Chipotle. As she scooped the fixings into her awaiting Tupperware battalion, nostalgia washed over her. This was just like old times!

@wearedanandsam Meal prep hack for you from my wife! 😎#mealprep #mealprephack #restaurantmealprep #wifereaction #husbandreaction #couplecomedy #couplecontent ♬ original sound – Dan and Sam

Except it wasn’t, really. When Dan came home early to his wife enthusiastically labelling meals like a school cafeteria worker, amusement quickly shifted to concern about possible relapse of her “unhealthy food obsession.” Insensitive comments about catering weddings slipped out before he could stop them.

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A heated squabble ensued, featuring choice words like “lazy” and “unsupportive” flying faster than the forks. In the end, a truce was reached thanks to the magic of guacamole – and a pact for future meal prep endeavors that contained at least 50% vegetables. Samantha’s creativity was sparked once more. Bring on the healthy competition!


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