The Thompson Family Thanksgiving Spreadsheet Saga

When Alyssa Thompson first introduced her color-coded, multi-tab Thanksgiving preparation spreadsheet to her family five years ago, she thought it was a stroke of organizational genius. Exhausted from mediating last-minute battles over who would contribute which dishes each holiday, she believed a points-based system would help fairly divide the labor.

If only she had anticipated just how seriously her family would come to regard “The Draft” that now dictated their lives every November. At first, it was harmless enough – her mother Helen claimed her signature sweet potato casserole, while Alyssa’s sister Jen was happy to earn easy points by bringing store-bought rolls. Even Dad was content to be assigned turkey carving duty year after year.

But when new partners and babies joined the Thompson festivities, competition around the spreadsheet intensified. Suddenly Jen was accusing Mom of padding her point scores for complicated recipes. And no one wanted to be stuck on Sisyphean dishwashing duty.

@crcederberg Thanksgiving Draft 2023 #thanksgiving @gregrast0 ♬ original sound – beansprojects

This year, the spreadsheet sagas reached new highs – or lows. When Jen tried redeeming unused points on wine selections, mom Helen threatened to host Christmas alone. Dad keep trying to pawn off turkey duties, despite earning “carving experience” points annually. And Alyssa herself faced a spreadsheet crisis when new foster puppy Storm shredded the physical printout she had proudly posted to the refrigerator to prep for The Draft.

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As Alyssa desperately tried recreating Draft 2023 from memory before the holiday, she began questioning her own legacy. Had her attempt to create order birthed only more chaos? Would there ever be a peaceful Thompson family Thanksgiving again? She stared wearily at the hands ticking down the hours till her family’s arrival…hands which may soon be poised to strangle over stuffing ingredients if her spreadsheet gambit backfired terribly once more.


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