TikToker’s Witty Response: Using AI-Generated Pregnancy to Prank Exes!

As a producer for a major TV network, Madeline Salazar was no stranger to drama and deception. She had spent years crafting compelling stories, manipulating emotions with clever editing and special effects. After one too many failed relationships where the men inexplicably “ghosted” her, Madeline decided it was time to use her skills for a little revenge project.

She began innocently enough, using new AI image generation tools to create mock Instagram posts chronicling the joyous milestones of an imaginary pregnancy. An ultrasound pic titled “Can’t wait to meet you!” morphed seamlessly with Madeline’s own body. Next, an artsy black and white profile shot highlighted a prominent high-tech baby bump.

When her friends commented with congratulatory messages on the fakes, it gave Madeline a diabolical idea. What if she sent these AI creations not to her real friends, but directly to the exes who had left her abruptly?

James had swept Madeline off her feet three years ago with surprise flowers and romantic gestures before disappearing abruptly when she brought up meeting his parents. Madeline still had his email address. With a few clicks, an eerily realistic photo of her cradling a newborn – James’s bright blue eyes enhanced via Photoshop – was on its way to his inbox. She giggled, picturing his shock.

@immadsal Replying to @98Starship just in time for spooky season! 👻 #photoshopai #ghosting #datingadvice #ai #aiprank #pregnantbelly #generativefill #ghosters ♬ Sweetest Pie – Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa

Mark had wined and dined Madeline for months, claiming he was ready to get serious and start a family. Yet shortly after they met each other’s families, Madeline noticed his texts becoming infrequent until contact faded entirely. In a meticulously faked Instagram story, Mark could now watch her celebrate at a raucous virtual baby shower, surrounded by friends.

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As the views and comments rolled in, Madeline realized she had tapped into a well of female rage. Supportive strangers began sharing their own ghosting stories. Inspired, Madeline continued upping her game, spinning increasingly outlandish tales for her exes with her media savvy skills. She had discovered the perfect revenge was not a dish served cold, but with red hot fiery artificial intelligence graphics! Her new sisterhood of wronged women cheered wildly.


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