Tragic Incident: Skydiver Fatally Injured in Mid-Air Collision with Plane Wing

Kat Dennings A tragic skydiving accident in France resulted in the death of 40-year-old Nicolas Galy who was decapitated after colliding mid-air with a plane’s wing piloted by Alain C. The 64-year-old pilot now faces trial for involuntary manslaughter.

The incident occurred in July 2018 above Bouloc-en-Quercy, north of Toulouse at about 4,400 meters altitude. Galy was an experienced skydiver having completed 226 previous jumps.

Moments after Galy and another skydiver jumped from Alain C’s single-engine aircraft, Galy’s body struck the plane’s left wing as it dipped, severing his head.

Alain C claims Galy deviated from the planned flight path parallel to the plane. However, prosecutors argue that Galy adhered to regulations and blame lies with the pilot.

Post-incident investigations found Alain C’s steep descent after losing sight of skydivers along with inadequate official procedures and briefing were key factors.

Alain C worked for the local parachute school but admitted he provided no training to skydivers. His pilot license was revoked and he received a suspended sentence after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

The school too was fined €20,000, half of which was suspended. Stricter rules around wingsuit diving have since been implemented due to this tragedy.

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A verdict on Alain C’s trial, whether further charges will apply, is expected in November 2023. The case highlights the risks even experienced skydivers face and the need for stringent safety regulations.


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