Would Nanami Have Survived in Jujutsu Kaisen If He Didn’t Try Saving Megumi?

In Jujutsu Kaisen, fan-favorite character Nanami meets a tragic end partially due to his effort to rescue Megumi. This begs the question – would he have lived if he didn’t go to save Megumi?

Nanami perishes after sustaining severe burns from Jogo’s attack in Shibuya. Though injured, he walks around seeking Megumi and help for others. This ultimately leads him to a fatal encounter with Mahito.

It’s possible rescue healer Shoko could have treated Nanami’s wounds if he waited for help. However, it’s unlikely he would’ve survived Jogo regardless as the injuries were still grievous. For instance, Naobito who was also burned later dies.

Moreover, prioritizing his own safety first is not in noble Nanami’s nature. Protecting his young students like Megumi takes precedence, even in dire straits.

So while Megumi’s kidnapping did lure Nanami to his cruel death sooner, the lethal burns had already sealed his tragic fate. His selfless choice to save others despite his condition was inevitable, given his personality.

In summary, Nanami was doomed from Jogo’s attack, but his valiant sacrifice trying to rescue Megumi embodied his values – saving his student over himself no matter the outcome.


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